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Dog Haircuts: The Most Popular Ones

Dog Haircuts: The Most Popular Ones
Dog haircuts

Taking your dog to the groomer can be a moment to unwind. Not only for your canine, but for you too. Especially if you two had a long day of chasing after squirrels. That’s why it’s so nice to treat your dog to a haircut every so often. That will also make sure that his coat stays healthy, fluffy and shiny. The fun part about that is that you also have a word in the type of dog haircuts your canine gets.

Your dog’s look isn’t all up to the groomer! Every good groomer will give you the opportunity to express your opinion and wishes for your dog’s look. There are some standard cuts for every dog breed. So if you have some cuts in mind ask your groomer if they would be a good fit.

Here are the most common dog haircuts for all dog breeds.

Teddy Bear Dog Haircut

It’s exactly how it sounds like. Your canine companion will pretty much look like a giant teddy bear. But a cute one, for sure.

The Teddy Bear Dog Haircut keeps more hair around the dog’s face than his body. However, you don’t have to go too short. Whichever length works for your dog will be fine! But remember, the shorter the cut, the more time you can take between appointments.

Dog owner looking at his adorable dog with one of these teddy bear dog haircuts

Poodle Dog Haircut

These dog haircuts truly look the way they sound. Simply imagine a poodle — that’s how this haircut will look.

This is a pretty common haircut for dogs with longer and curlier coats. The hair is kept pretty short along the body while on the top of the head there is more left. Around the neck as well.

While this haircut does suit poodles the best, it can still work for other dog breeds as well. Especially the ones with a fluffy fur.

Lamb Dog Haircut

Mary had a little lamb. But do you? If the answer is no — don’t despair. Your dog can still look like one with this haircut. These types of dog haircuts are perfect for curly-haired dogs. It can be adorable on both, adult dogs and puppies.

The Lamb Cut is shorter around the body with some more fur left around the legs. It can look great on different dog breeds, and it works especially well in summer. The short style will make sure to keep your canine cool while still looking pretty adorable.

The Lamb Cut works for dogs who enjoy the snow as well. It keeps their legs and paws warm during the cold winter months. A versatile cut for any dog!


Many people shy away from shaving their dog. It’s more commonly an act of necessity rather than of preference. Often groomers will also only shave off the coat of a dog if they have no other choice.

While it will work great for some dog breeds, for others it might won’t. The best choice would be to rely on your groomer’s opinion. They have more experience and will know what works best for your dog’s breed.

Always remember to be specific about length to avoid a too-short shave on your dog.

Kennel Dog Haircut

All one length everywhere, from head to toe. This cut is usually in a shorter length, however that all up to you to decide. Take into consideration what works best for your dog and when he feels the most comfortable.

The Kennel Cut is an easy and simple cut for busy dog owners. A kennel cut will look a bit different on each dog, of course but it’s an easy, low maintenance option. It’s pretty low maintenance and the shorter versions of this cut require less grooming.

Adorable white maltase standing in front of white background

Topknot Dog Haircut

If you’re a fan of the topknot or man bun, we have great news for you! Your canine can rock this hairstyle too. In fact, dogs have been sporting this trend for way longer than we do.

The topknot isn’t an actual bun on the top of your dog’s head. Instead, it’s a furry poof on the too of a dog’s head. Keep the edges as clean and round as possible!

Dog Lion Haircut

Another one of those dog haircuts that looks exactly the way it sounds. Basically, your canine will look like the most adorable lion ever.

For this cut, the fur around your dogs head and tip of the tail is kept very long, while the rest is short.