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Dog House With AC: Best Options

Dog House With AC: Best Options
Dog house with AC

The summer that is coming is going to be a hot one! And while we can hide in our homes with air conditioning and dring iced coffees, some dogs may still like to stay outside. If the temperatures get dangerously high, your dog may even come into danger of a heatstroke. However there is a solution — a dog house with AC! That way your dog can be outside, while still enjoying the benefits of an air conditioner.

There are ways to build a dog house with AC all by yourself. However, if you’re not feeling like Bob the builder, you may prefer buying one.

We choose some of our Amazon favorites, that we are sure you’ll love just as much as we do.

Amazon picks: Dog house with AC

Amazon is the biggest online retailer and definitely has the best options when it comes to all kinds of dog houses. But particularly the ones with AC, as the options are rather limited with other retailers.

Here are some that have caught our eye.

Dog House With AC by Mister Pet

Dog House With AC by Mister Pet has an air conditioning system with a better warranty and a longer life. We had a thorough study of the air conditioners by many manufacturers, and have chosen the best available in the market.

Leaving your pets out during those hot summer days can be fatal for them. However, our pet houses come with in-built air conditioning that meets all the requirement of your dog. The pet house design is cute and will look amazing where you place it. Once you place the pet house order, the units will be installed within a short period. We totally prepare your dog house for the AC unit at no extra charge.”

Blythe Wood Works Air Conditioning Dog House

“Over fifteen years ago, Blythe Wood Works was the first dog house manufacturer to market air conditioned dog houses. It’s been a learning experience for us; the most important lesson learned – listen to the customers. They relayed to us that they desired an air conditioned dog house.

Some customers wanted a dog house with AC only, others wanted their dog house with heat only. And then some desired both. There are geographical areas that have extremely hot climates. Texas, Arizona, California and Florida, where the “huge” doghouses need more btu(s) during those 100 plus degree days.”

Akoma Hound Heater HOUNDITIONER Dog House Air Conditioner A/C Unit

Akoma introduce the Hounditioner Mini Dog House Air Conditioner unit that is designed to keep your dog cool even on the hottest days.The ADP H-1400-AC 120-Volt, Thermostatically Controlled Dog House Air Conditioning AC unit is the perfect solution to cool and dehumidify your pets doghouse.

The H-1400-AC quickly cools on hot days with quiet efficiency. As it cools it also dehumidifies the air giving your pet cool and relaxing comfort.

The Hounditioner is a small unit can be easily attached to the side of the dog house or it can be free standing with insulated flexible ducting that can supply cool air just about anywhere it is needed. Once installed all that is needed is to adjust the thermostat to the desired inside temperature and the Hounditioner will provide a comfortable environment that pet owners can rely on.”