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Dog Life Jacket: Train Your Dog To Wear Them

Dog Life Jacket: Train Your Dog To Wear Them

Even if your dog is a great and passionate swimmer — you can never be careful enough! As it’s always better to be safe than sorry, make a habit of putting a dog life jacket on your canine whenever your pup is near water.

That way you will make sure that even when your dog is tired from swimming, or unexpectedly falls into the water — he will be safe.

But often our dogs aren’t too crazy about these life jackets. However, there are ways to help our canine friends get on board with wearing them.

Train your pup into wearing a dog life jacket

If your dog isn’t too happy when your trying to put a life jacket on him — don’t despair. Here are the best tips to train your dog to wear it without pulling on it every ten seconds.

Make sure the life jacket fits

In order for your dog to like wearing anything — it will have to be comfortable first. But when it comes to a life jacket, the right fit could even save the life of your pup. Therefore make sure that is fitted by professionals, and take some time to measure the size of your dog’s body.

Before you buy the life jacket, inform yourself about the brand you are interested in. Does the jacket have a good review? Are they true to size? Is the material of good quality?

If you can — visit the pet stores near you and try some on. See which ones your dog likes the best.

Introduce your dog to the life jacket

Make sure your dog gets comfortable with the life jacket in a safe environment. That means that he will have to wear it at home first, before he gets into the water.

If your dog wears a harness for walks, chances are he will adapt quicker.

Encourage your pup with treats to put the jacket over his head. Praise and reward him after you put it on. Redirect his behavior if he is trying to scratch it off.

Try it out

If your dog got comfortable with the life jacket, it’s time to get into the water. Start with shallow waters first.

Wearing the jacket in water will be a different experience from wearing it at home. Your dog may feel uncomfortable and confused. However, that is your sign to encourage him with treats and praise for getting wearing the jacket.

Build your dog’s confidence

Slowly increase the depth in which your dog swims. Make sure that your pup is enjoying the experience and bring lots if toys to play with.

Increase the time your pup is spending inside the water. By time, he will be able to have the jacket on for hours at a time.


Wearing a dog life jacket can save the life of your canine companion. However, it can be tricky for your dog to get used to it. Slowly and with time, your pup will come to terms with it.

Just like humans, dogs can tire out from swimming too. That’s why a dog life jacket should be essential, even if your dog is an “A class” swimmer.