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Dog park: Safety tips you shouldn’t ignore

Dog park: Safety tips you shouldn’t ignore

Safety comes first! Even when you’re at the dog park and your dog is playing around, getting all that excess energy out.

Of course, the doggy park is a lot of fun, but it brings many dangers with it too! Some of which you might not even be aware of. That’s why it’s super important to follow a few safety tips and guidelines. That’s the only way to ensure your dog and other dogs at the park don’t get hurt.

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You might be thinking “I’m going to the park to let my dog have fun, not to play the dog police!”. We understand that, but the safety of dogs should come first. After all, you don’t want your pooch to get hurt either, right?

Dog park – Safety tips

The dog park is a great place for you and your dog to have fun and some together time. But you also don’t want anyone to get hurt.


There are so many things that could go wrong at the park. And there are so many situations your dog could put itself in and get sick.

This is why it’s super important for your dog to be up to date on all vaccinations. That’s the only way you can protect your dog health-wise.

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By all vaccinations, we mean every required or “core” vaccines. Of course, it would be best if your dog would get the “non-core” vaccines too. These are the vaccinations that aren’t required but protect your pup.

Choose non-peak times

If it’s possible, go to the park at non-peak times. This means taking your dog to the park at times where it’s least likely to be crowded.

dog at dog park
Pick a time to go to the dog park when it’s not too crowded (Photo: Pixabay)

Visiting the park when there aren’t as many dogs there will be less stressful for you and your dog will enjoy it more.

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Besides this, going at non-peak times means there are less dogs to worry about, and your pooch is less likely to get hurt.

Teach your dog basic commands

Before taking your dog to the park for the first time make sure your dog knows basic commands like sit, stay and come.

You never know what could happen at the dog park and when you’ll need your dog to come to you.

We actually have a few articles on this topic that might help you:

Know what to bring

Exactly knowing what you’ll need at the park will be of huge benefit for you. Being prepared for every situation is crucial to ensure your dog’s safety. So pack your bag wisely, have the essentials ready.

We recommend you bring:

  • a fully charged phone
  • poop bags
  • water and a water bowl for your dog
  • water for yourself
  • collar with ID
  • nylon leash or rope leash
  • an air-horn in case you need to break up any dog fights

Be responsible and watchful

No one like an irresponsible dog owner who doesn’t even care what their dog is doing. And no one likes people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop. Don’t be that person!

Being responsible doesn’t only mean making sure your dog is safe and calm, but it also means cleaning after your dog.

dogs playing
Never let your dog out of sight (Photo: Pixabay)

When you get to the dog park, scan your environment. Make sure there are no openings, holes in the fence for example, where your dog could escape.

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Besides being responsible, you have to be watchful too! Don’t let your dog out of sight, you never know what could happen!

Pay close attention to your dog, and other dogs too! Watch how they behave, if they are aggressive, reactive, or even overly rambunctious.

Separate by size

small dogs
Always choose a dog park where dogs are separated by size (Photo: Pixabay)

Our last tip is to separate dogs by size. Every good dog park has areas for small dogs and large dogs.

This is very important, you don’t want your dog to get hurt if you own a small breed. You also don’t want your dog to hurt small dogs if you own a large breed.

Don’t risk any dog’s safety, so please separate dogs by their size.