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Dog Pick Up Lines For Cheeky Owners

Dog Pick Up Lines For Cheeky Owners
Dog pick up lines

Have you ever walked around the dog park and seen an incredibly cute dog, but then look at the dog owner and you’re just WOWED! Because that person is even cuter! You loose the words coming from your mouth and won’t even know what to say, because you are mesmerized by that absolutely perfect face! If that was you at any moment, we are maybe able to help! We prepared some dog pick up lines that would perfectly go in those situations.

We are sure that the person you’ll be shooting your shot with will give you at least their number after hearing any of these!

Here are some of our favorites.

10 Funny dog pick up lines

  1. “What a great-looking dog – can I pet you – I mean him?“
  2. “Just so you know, ever since I first saw you, I have a new leash on life.”
  3. “I must have been a good boy/girl because you’re a real treat!”
  4. “There’s not a crate strong enough in the world to keep me from you“
  5. “How about we ditch these leashes and go for a run?”
  6. “Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a liver treat?”
  7. “You make my heart feel like it’s getting tummy-rubbed.”
  8. “I’m a poodle in the streets but a bulldog in the sheets.”
  9. “Going out with you would be better than a gazillion behind-the-ear scratches.”
  10. “Did you win “best in the show”? Because you sure are a winner to me.”

10 Cheeky dog pick up lines

  1. “I´ll be your Tramp if you´ll be my Lady.”
  2. “Since chocolate is toxic, how ’bout a little sugar?”
  3. “Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?”
  4. “When I say ‘bitch’, I mean it as a compliment!”
  5. “Hey there, beautiful. Looking for an Alpha dog?”
  6. “If you were a dog, I’d never keep you on a short leash.”
  7. “Baby, you are what I call a hot dog”
  8. “Honey, you’re a damn gorgeous mother-pupper.”
  9. “Hey baby, do you want to mark my territory?”
  10. “This dog is beautiful. I see he takes after his owner

10 Ridiculous dog pick up lines

  1. “Do you believe in love at first sniff?”
  2. “Roll over. I’ll scratch your belly.”
  3. “Say ruff if you’re in heat.”
  4. “So, how often do you pee around these parts?“
  5. “I’d lend you my coat, but Chivalry—the German Shepard that used to come here often—is dead.“
  6. “Lookin’ good, Rover. Are you single? Think Buddy here could get your number?”
  7. “What say we take this discussion off-leash.”
  8. “Are you checking me out? Because yes, I’m the Alpha dog around here.”
  9. “Come on, don’t make me beg!”
  10. “You’re more fetching than my favorite ball.”