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Dog Seat Belt: Is It Really Necessary?

Dog Seat Belt: Is It Really Necessary?

Many dogs absolutely love to go on car rides with their owners. However, if your dog isn’t well trained or has some excess energy on that they — he may start behaving a bit dangerously. We don’t have to remind you on the statistics that every day hundreds of people are killed in car accidents because one driver was distracted. While cell phones definitely are the biggest distraction, our pups can also mess with our focus. That’s when a dog seat belt comes in as a potential life saver.

While a free roaming dog can easily turn an easy car ride into a deadly experience, a simple seat belt can save you from a lot of pain.

How do they work?

Dog seat belts are padded vests what go over a dog’s head, then cinch at the chest, and then finally clip it. It still lets your dog lay down and sit up, while preventing him from moving side to side. That way you’re more secure that your dog won’t fly into something if you suddenly have to slam the brakes.

How can I get my dog used to wearing a seat belt?

It may take some warming up for your dog to get used to the seat belt. However, with time he will learn to accept it. Start slowly, with five minute tripes and then expand it to ten and fifteen minutes car rides. Eventually, your dog will come to peace with it. While you’re out and your dog is wearing the seat belt, praise him and reward with some treats.

Keeping your pet safe on the road

Besides wearing a seat belt, there are also other ways to keep your dog safe on road-trips. Make sure you bring enough food and water with you for your dog, and take regular breaks. Dogs can get carsick too. Therefore it’s best to have regular breaks and take ten to fifteen minutes walks in the fresh air. During that time your dog can also drink some water and have a bite or two.

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