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Dog swimming pool – Cool DIY idea

Dog swimming pool – Cool DIY idea
Dog swimming pool

Summer is right around the corner, this means hot weather, ice cream, and pool parties! We are going to look for any way to cool down and make the heat bearable. But what about your dog? Your loyal companion needs a way to cool down too! So why not make him or her a little dog swimming pool?

Making a DIY dog swimming pool does not have to be expensive, and the end product doesn’t even have to be perfect. Your dog will love it and it will serve its purpose!

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So, without further ado, let us take a look at how you can make a DIY dog pool for your dog to cool down this summer!

Dog swimming pool – How to make it

We have found the easiest way to make a dog pool. It’ is cheap and doesn’t require many skills! It is perfect for newbies to DIY projects who want to do something nice for their pooch!

The easiest DIY – Kiddie pool

Kiddie pool as a dog swimming pool
The easiest way to make a dog swimming pool is to get a kiddie pool

A hard plastic kiddie pool makes a great dog pool for the hot summer days. These pools aren’t expensive, and you don’t need any handy skills.

The only thing you do need to remember is to change the water out periodically!

If you want to go a step further, you can make a ground pool out of the kiddie pool.

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Materials you’ll need:

  • Hard plastic kiddie pool
  • Pavers or bricks

How to make it:

Dig a hole in the ground where you will place the pool. The size and depth of the hole should be the size of your plastic pool.

Then make up your mind how big you want your brick paver border and dig out the area for the border. Keep in mind that you should go only as deep as the depth of your pavers. You can go as far out as you want with your border.

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After this, arrange the pavers in a decorative pattern of your liking and fill the crevices between the pavers with sand or dog-friendly ground cover plants.

We also have a great video that explains the whole process in detail!

How to make a dog pool in the easiest way possible