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Dog Whistle: All You Need To Know

Dog Whistle: All You Need To Know
Dog Whistle

What Is A Dog Whistle?

A dog whistle also known as Galton’s whistle is a whistle that produces high-pitched tones in an ultrasonic range that humans can’t hear. On the other hand, dogs, cats, and other animals hear and register these sounds.

When Do We Use Dog Whistles?

We most commonly use dog whistles for training. Combining them with treats and clickers to let the dog know he did correctly what we asked of him.

However, there are other use cases for dog whistles. For example, a dog whistle is used in dog competitions and sporting events to let dogs know when to start or to stop.

Of course, silent dog whistles are also utilized by hunters to communicate with hunting dogs. These dogs are capable of hearing frequencies that other animals can’t register.

Can Dog Whistles Hurt My Dog’s Ears?

This is the question that many dog owners ask. Generally, dog whistles can’t hurt your dog’s ears when used properly. Of course, you will damage your dog’s hearing if you blow it extremely loudly, close to your dog’s ears for an extended period. 

Therefore, if you don’t blow the dog whistle too close to your dog’s ears very loudly, you have no reason for concern.

Does Dog Whistle Really Work As A Training Method?

Every dog is different and has a different personality, temperament, and needs. Therefore, dog whistles, as a training method, will work for some dogs, while some will not respond to them. 

Can Dog Whistles Stop Barking?

Yes, in some cases dog whistles can stop the dog barking. However, after hearing the high-pitched sound for the first few times, the dog may actually bark even more. But, as you continue to whistle when the dog barks, the dog will learn to associate an irritating, high-pitched sound with barking, which may cause him to stop barking.