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Dog with sunglasses: Does he need them?

Dog with sunglasses: Does he need them?
dog with sunglasses

You must have seen a picture of a dog with sunglasses before. At first, it looks too sweet and it certainly made your day. However, do dogs really need glasses?

Do dogs need sunglasses?

People need glasses to avoid ultraviolet exposure which over the years does a lot of damage to our eyes. Unlike humans, dogs have a shorter lifespan which means they expose their eyes less to ultraviolet rays.

It is true that dogs with age have poor eyesight, cataracts, or some eye diseases, but this is not related to the sun, but to some diseases such as diabetes, for example. Many breeds have a larger shadow due to the deeper position of their eyes and the sun’s rays reach them harder.

Dogs that may benefit from protective eyewear

Unlike other breeds, Shih Tzus, Pugs, Boston terries, and some other breeds have prominent eyeballs. This type of eyes is more susceptible to ulcers, abrasions, and cuts. Due to the position of these eyes, which are protruding and closer to the ground, the eyes come into contact with things that can cause injuries more easily.

Also, sun exposure in German Shepherd can cause an autoimmune disease called pannus. This disease is not painful but causes blindness. For that reason, it would be good to protect their eyes.

A great choice for dogs that have a vision problem can be glasses for dogs, Doggles. Dogs that have a problem due to age can have significantly better eyesight if they wear Doggles. Also, dogs that are often exposed to the sun outside, for example, if they hike with an owner, should have goggles on.

pomeranian with doggles

How to find the right ones?

Buying glasses for dogs is not as easy as buying glasses for people. In fact, buying glasses for dogs is much more difficult. Namely, dog goggles are made to follow the dog’s head and be narrow so you have to pay attention to the shape and size of your dog’s head. There are goggles that have the ability to tighten so they won’t fall off the dog’s head. Of course, you need to be patient because dogs are not born with glasses. At first, they will surely take them off and refuse to wear them, however over time they will love them.

Dog with sunglasses: Cute pictures

1. Pug

pug with sunglasses

2. Jack Russel

jack russel in the pool

3. Golden Retriever

golden retriever wearing dog glasses


Dogs don’t really need glasses, however, they can help them. You can buy glasses for your dog if you want to help him see better or if they want to make him fashionable. Be sure to pay attention to the size. Consult a veterinarian if your dog needs glasses due to illness or age.