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Don’t do these five things to your pet

Don’t do these five things to your pet

Caring for a dog is not always that easy – and even owners with the best of intentions can make a mistake or two in raising or living a dog. All responsible owners try to find out as much good and quality information and advice about raising dogs.

Sometimes this information is not easy to get, so we decided to make a list of five things that you must avoid doing to your dog.

Flexible guides

These guides can cause friction bites in case they wrap around your arm. They are also difficult to pull in case of danger, and your dog may be injured or even hurt by someone else.

Many flexible guides extend more than three meters. Often thinner than a traditional guide – and grabbing flexible guides in an attempt to prevent a dog from running can lead to serious injury.

Access to the bathroom

You probably haven’t even thought about this, but your dogs should never have independent access to the bathroom. If they have, secure the bathroom and pay attention to some things. Namely, many bathrooms keep cleaning chemicals and personal care items that can be poisonous to dogs. If you have a curious dog like a shar pei, it may be best to keep the bathroom door closed.

Ice in a bowl of water

When the temperature rises, many dog ​​owners fill their pet’s water bowls with ice cubes or give them an ice cube to play with.

Ice is a common culprit for broken teeth in dogs, especially teeth in the back of the mouth. These broken teeth are painful and can be easily infected, which requires the removal of the root or the entire tooth. If you have a dog with double-thick hair, as is the case with Tibetan mastiffs, it is better to give them frozen vegetables like carrots.

Food from the table

This is one of the most well-known things, but owners often do not stick because it is difficult for them to resist the sweet looks of their pets. You should not allow your dog to eat leftover food from the table.

Feeding your dog leftover meals, especially fatty foods such as bacon, can easily lead to a serious and painful attack of pancreatitis or other digestive problems for your dog. It is also unacceptable food for dogs because it can contribute to a rapid increase in body weight.


While you may not necessarily panic if your pet licks a spilled drop of wine off the floor, it’s important to know that dogs can suffer serious side effects from alcohol consumption.

Pets should never be given alcohol because it affects their nervous system, which can cause symptoms such as hypothermia, diarrhea, and vomiting.