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Dr. Marty ProPower Plus: Is It Worth Your Money?

Dr. Marty ProPower Plus: Is It Worth Your Money?
ProPower Plus

What Is Dr. Marty ProPower Plus?

Dr. Marty company states that ProPower Plus is a probiotic formula designed to support the health of your dog from nose to tail. The formula contains 2 billion CFUs or “dog friendly” probiotics and 14 different digestive and health ingredients.

The company claims that the formula will help:

  • Reduce bad breath and support oral health
  • Improve dog’s digestion
  • Support immune system
  • Enhance nutrient absorption
  • Promote a relaxed, calm mood

How To Give ProPower Plus To Your Dog?

Simply put one scoop of the ProPower plus powder over your dog’s food, once per day.

However, the daily serving size will depend on the weight of your dog.

Dog WeightProPower Daily Serving Size
1 – 10 lbs½ scoop
11 – 35 lbs1 scoop
36 – 55 lbs1 ½ scoop
56 lbs+2 scoops

What Is The Price?

The price of the product is a bit high, especially if you take into account the amount of powder in the container. 

The supplement is priced at:

1 jar : $69.95

3 jars: $188.85 (save $21)

6 jars: $356.70 (save $63)

The company also states that it offers free shipping and a 90-day money-back guarantee (without the cost of return shipping).

Is It Safe To Use ProPower Plus?

Well, the creator of the formula Dr. Martin Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University, author of many books, and one of the country’s top veterinarians. Therefore, the person behind the product is reputable, legit, and well known. 

So, Is It Worth It?

However, there are many doubts about the effectiveness of supplement products for dogs in general. According to WebMD, dogs already get all the nutrients they need from commercial, processed dog food. On the other hand, there is anecdotal evidence that supplements indeed helped some dogs and substantially improve their vitality and overall health.