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Excited Golden Retriever Slides Along An Icy Road

Excited Golden Retriever Slides Along An Icy Road

This golden retriever in China couldn’t contain his excitement after finding a nice tree branch as a present for his owner.

The eight-month-old puppy called Cake is seen in trending footage with the twig in his mouth while trying to run towards his owner before sliding along the icy road.

Ms. Ou, who has raised Cake with her husband, told that her pet loves to bring her tree branches as a way to show her his affection.


The heartwarming scene was captured on Tuesday when the owner took Cake with her. They were forced to travel on foot after the local roads had frozen following recent snowfalls.

On their way Cake appeared to have noticed something by the side of the road as he suddenly turned back and ran to pick something up.

The pet owner was amused to see the dog return with a long tree branch in his mouth and captured the scene.

An owner told: ‘He picked up a tree branch as a present for me again. He loves doing it. He was also really happy to see snow for the first time.’

‘I thought he was so adorable but I also felt really bad,’ Ms. Ou added.