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EXPERTS CLAIM Quality diet, good digestion, dental and oral hygiene can ensure a proper development of your dog

EXPERTS CLAIM  Quality diet, good digestion, dental and oral hygiene can ensure a proper development of your dog

The Golden Retriever belongs to the category of large breeds. This means that at 15 months, a Golden puppy will weigh 70 times more than at birth. With a quality diet, you can ensure a proper development of your dog’s skeleton, good digestion, support for the immune system, skin and hair care.

Dogs at this age need to be fed 3-4 times a day. The dosage of food depends on what food you use. We advise you to use super premium quality foods that are complete and well balanced meeting all the needs of your dog in the best possible way.

These are: Hill’s Science Plan “Puppy Large Breed”; Royal Canin – it’s best to begin with “Maxi Baby dog” and use it until the fifth month of age, and from the fifth month switch to Maxi – junior; Royal Canin – golden retriever junior; Eukanuba – puppy large breed; Alleva – lamb and rice puppy; Brit Care – large breed. It is important to note that the best choice for your dog is to buy food in the original packaging, because only then can you be sure of its quality, hygiene, preserved nutrients in optimal quantities, as well as the guaranteed shelf life of the product.

Dental and oral hygiene are a very important aspect of proper dog care. After 3 months of age, the dog’s teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. Baby teeth are easily replaced because they do not have roots and permanent teeth actually displace them. In the period from 3 to 7 months, dogs have mixed teeth, and after 7 months, permanent teeth. Oral and dental hygiene should be started at the earliest age so that the puppy does not resist the ritual later on.

Regular dental and oral cavity hygiene will prevent periodontitis, the formation of tartar, caries, etc. Regular removal of plaque from the teeth can also help with bad breath. Pet shops offer a wide range of products for this purpose. Dental hygiene sets – toothbrush and toothpaste – Virbac, toothpaste with clay and essential oils – Armonie Naturali, toothpaste spray – Armonie Naturali, toothpaste spray – Trixie, Canina – Dental can tonic, Vet aquadent – a solution that is poured into drinking water in a concentration of 10ml in 500ml of water, etc.

The external ear canal of the dog has a specific anatomical structure and is in the shape of the letter S, which requires special attention. Ear cleaning is especially important because the ear canal is a suitable environment for the development of infections. Ear infections can be bacterial, fungal or mixed.

A few drops of balm are put in both ears followed by a massage of the base of the earlobe. After that, by shaking his head the dog expels excess balm as well as excess ear wax, i.e. cerumen, together with the dirt. Pet shops offer numerous products for this purpose, such as: Ohren balm – Canina, Epi – otic – Virbac, Herba Max, Trixie, etc.

Fleas can cause itching, which leads to the dog trying to remove the flea by scratching and biting. In some dogs, fleas can also cause an allergic reaction (to flea saliva). At the site of the flea bite, a mild swelling appears on the dog’s body. In some cases, hair loss can occur, which occurs as a result of intense scratching.

At this age of your puppy, I would recommend that you use Frontline spray as an anti-parasitic. After local application, it is deposited in the fatty tissue of the skin and the hair follicle, from which it is gradually released and has a prolonged effect: against ticks for up to 5 weeks, and against fleas for up to 2 months.