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Four New Year’s resolutions for all dog parents

Four New Year’s resolutions for all dog parents

New Year, new me, what about New Year new habits of taking care of your dog!

As the New Year approaches it’s important to make resolutions that will hopefully make us better humans in 2021. However it is also important to make resolutions that will make the lives of our dogs better as well!

This is how you can help your pet have the best year of their lives.

Get more exercise

Daily exercise will be very good for you and your dog! Try to spend more time enjoying your local trails and parks with your four-legged BFF. You won’t be just making a healthy choice for yourself, but you’ll be making memories with your dog as well.

Brush teeth daily

Oral care for dogs is an easy, but often overlooked key to a long and healthy life. Regular, professional cleanings can also help stave off plaque and infections.

Brushing at least twice a week

Regular brushing prevents mats and snarls in longer-haired dogs and helps keep fur from taking over your home. However, brushing your dog is not only good for skin and coat care, but it’s also a great bonding opportunity.

Checkups twice a year

Regular vet checkups can extend your pet’s life. Routine weight checks, going over your dog for lumps and bumps, keeping vaccines and medications up to date, dental cleaning, and nail trims, all keep your dog in tip-top form.