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Four silent signs your dog is depressed

Four silent signs your dog is depressed

Dogs are very emotional beings, and we as humans sometimes forget that. And exactly because they are so emotional it can happen that they get depressed for a variety of reasons. Ad dog owners we should be aware what those reasons are so that we know what to look for. Otherwise we’ll often miss our dog’s sad state and be unable to help them feel better.

Your dog is ignoring playtime

If your dog is depressed or sad it won’t have the same energy levels that it used to. Playtime and exercise won’t even excite them as much.

“It could be that their favorite thing in the world was to throw a tennis ball, and all of a sudden they don’t want to do that,” says Virginia-based veterinarian Katy Nelson

There’s food left in its bowl

Depressed dogs behave very much like depressed humans. Just like how you might lose your appetite when you’re feeling down, your sad dog might not feel like eating either.

They sleep a lot more

Is your dog spending more time in bed than usual? Chances are it might be a sign of depression.

Has there been a death in the family?

If there has been a death in your family, you’re maybe not the only one mourning.

You can’t really speed up that grieving process, but you can comfort them and be sensitive to their needs like giving them extra cuddles and treats while it gets used to the loss.

However, before you blame your dog’s behavior on depression, take your dog to the veterinarian to have a full checkup to rule out any other health issues that could be bringing your dog down