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Four things you do that absolutely drive your Golden retriever crazy!

Four things you do that absolutely drive your Golden retriever crazy!

Our dogs love us unconditionally, but there are a few things that we as humans do that will ultimately end by our dog giving us the stink eye.

Sometimes we’re not even aware that we annoy our dogs with certain actions, but turns out that what is normal to us makes no sense to dogs and are, in fact, downright annoying.

You Go to Work

Every day you go to work, and guess what! That is one very annoying habit of yours! At least that’s what your doggie dog thinks. If you’d ask your dog, we’d just roll around on the floor all day, and give your baby cuddles and treats. But no! You have to leave and there’s no way to explain that. 

You Put Him in Stupid Outfits

We humans love putting our canines in fun costumes, we truly find it all hilarious, but one look at their faces will tell you that many dogs are not amused. Whether the clothes are fun or essential it’s important to slowly condition your canine pal, in small steps and with lots of treats and praise, to wear them.

You Talk Too Much

Yup, this is an issue too! In our dog’s opinion humans talk nonstop, it almost seems like we never shut up. But words are an alien concept to dogs. We also tend to use one word for several things, like for example “down” to ask out dog to lie down, get off the couch, stop jumping on you, or to walk down a stairway? Can you imagine how confusing that is?

You Pat His Head

Would you pat another human on the head? No? Then why is it still considered an acceptable way say hello to a dog? Some people take the concept of “pat” literally, and will stand there pounding away on the dog’s head. Maybe try scratching the base of the tail, or a rub along the belly or ear. Your dog will thank you.