From a Cage to the Beach: Story of Tucker The Golden Retriever is the Proof Why Everyone Should Adopt Puppies

Not everyone deserves the joy of having a dog be their loyal companion through life.

The golden retriever was rescued from a small cage in which he spends most of his life was saved by a woman.

Alison Gray, from Bali rescue Dog squad, found poor puppy and set him free.

“When I arrived, I was in shock, because here he was stuffed into this tinny little cage. He lived in that cage all of his life. So what he’s going to need later on when he’s stable is rehabilitation to hopefully be able to walk. We’re going to do our best to help Tucker”, Alison said.

Tucker was given food, and everyone was happy when he started eating.

“OK, this is a good sign that he wants to eat. We had to start his rehabilitation small. He’s now walking, he’s always happy, which is great news”, she added.

At the end of Tucker’s rehabilitation, he was ready for adoption. Girl name Ferris adopted Tucker and Alison is delighted.

“I’m so glad Tucker matched with Ferris”, she said.

Tucker is so happy now. From a small cage to the sandy beach is the sign to all of us: Don’t buy, adopt!

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