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Golden Retriever – A Devoted Friend in Love With Water

Golden Retriever – A Devoted Friend in Love With Water

If you have a golden retriever, you must know for sure how friendly they are and always ready to play.

When you walk with a golden, they certainly charm everyone immediately, including other dogs, and especially children.

You also know how smart they are (they are not in the top 5 smartest breeds in the world by mistake), so you will not have a hard time training them – because they “understand” everything. They are full of energy, so they should be allowed to run, and often you will be their favorite playmate in a game of catch since they do not like to get bored.

But most importantly, they are the most loyal friends!

Here’s a list of 9 interesting facts that will make you love golden retrievers even more.

  1. They are extremely caring

You may already be familiar with this because it’s hard not to notice that caring look and those little gestures that would make everyone melt.

But they are not only known for caring for us but also for other animals and even cats.

So if you see how your cat and dog get along great, don’t be surprised, it’s nothing unusual for a golden retriever who loves everything and everyone. They are especially crazy about kids which is why these dogs are often called real family dogs.

  1. They LOVE water

You certainly don’t have or won’t have problems with a golden when bathing because they love water very much.

They enjoy everything that has to do with water, from bathing to swimming. If you’re on vacation, you’ll have a hard time getting your dog out of the sea!

  1. They really like to chew stuff

If your dog doesn’t drop the ball from their mouth or bites everything that comes close their snout, that’s perfectly normal.

Golden retrievers love to chew things and keep them in their mouths. So it would be great to provide a special box of toys that they will mostly use for chewing. Always a better idea than someone’s shoes.

  1. They get close to people quickly

These dogs really like people, maybe too much for someone’s taste. If you want a guard dog, a golden retriever will not do very well in that role because even after a short cuddle they immediately become your friend. But they are very loud so they will at least warn you that someone is at the door.

  1. They can become depressed

It’s another thing that makes them so similar to us. They do not like to be alone for too long.

Spending too much time alone makes them sad so they can really get depressed. They like to have company and they don’t like to play alone because they get bored too quickly. Goldens are the original extroverts!

  1. They have a very sharp sense of smell

These dogs are known for their excellent sense of smell so they are often used for search and rescue parties. Aside from that extraordinary blessing, they also have amazing memory which often makes them into great police dogs.

  1. Plug your ears when they bark!

The Bark Post reported that the Guinness record for the loudest bark went to a golden retriever. His name is Charlie from Australia whose barking noise reached as high as 113.1 decibels!

  1. They were hunting dogs originally

Their name suggests that hunters used them to retrieve, bring back the hunted game. They were used by hunters as far back as the 19th century to bring them prey, which was birds mostly.

  1. There are 3 different variants

Yes, they are called golden, but they don’t necessarily have to be. This golden variant is the most popular, and it is a British type of golden retriever.

There are also American and Canadian types that are slightly darker than the European retriever. In addition to the differences in hair color, from light to dark, they also differ in size and some other characteristics such as the shape of the eyes – the British type has round eyes unlike the oblique eyes of his American cousins.

It is not at all surprising that they are one of the most popular breeds in the world! So, if you are not sure about which dog to get, you can never go wrong with a Golden.