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Golden Retriever Chases After Handler In Emotional Footage

Golden Retriever Chases After Handler In Emotional Footage

Heartbreaking footage was shared showing a golden retriever refusing to let a retiring solider go after spending two years in training together.

The golden retriever is three-year-old Da Mao, and he spent most of his life with his handler Jia Chuan at the Mobile Division of Armed Police in China.

The two went together through a lot. Two years of rigorous training exercises and many other memories.

But after spending eight years in the army, Chuan was due to retire.

The heartbreaking footage was shared by CCTV and it showed the moment Da Mao jumped into his handlers arms on the day he was leaving the camp.

In the video, Chuan is seen carrying a backpack and saluting a fellow soldier as he prepares to hand over Da Mao. He gave the dog a pat on the head and his dog breaks from the leash and gives his handler a final hug, leaving Chuan in tears before Da Mao’s new handler runs to separate the pair.