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Golden Retriever Falls In Love With Local Delivery Guy, And Haven’t We All Been There

Golden Retriever Falls In Love With Local Delivery Guy, And Haven’t We All Been There

Haven’t we all at some point in our lives developed a huge crush on a local delivery guy or girl.

This seven-year-old golden retriever definitely has! Pippin is a really good girl that simply LOVES the mailman, breaking all stereotypes thrown at dogs hating them. Even though Pippin is very friendly to everyone, she is particularly affectionate towards the local mail carrier.

Her owners claim she had been absolutely loving him for the last three years and waits daily for his arrival to receive the long awaited pats by one of her favorite humans.

Luckily for her, because we know how much one sided relationships can hurt- the local mailman loves their meetings just as much!

Pippin, who lives with her owners in South Carolina, generally speaking loves to wait by the window waiting for the arrival of any guy delivering anything at all.

Pippin’s owner Kayla told Cater News. “She loves our postmen, our FedEx guys, our UPS guys, and, you guessed it, even the ice cream truck guy.”

All of them are completely welcome to give her pats on the head. And sometimes even treats!

“UPS leaves Pippin a bone on the front porch even if no one is home. They always let her get in the truck. One time, she raced to the back of the truck and stole our UPS man’s sub sandwich and he was so sweet about it,” Pippin’s owner shared.

Pippin is so lovable, she even got a man who was scared of dogs to become her friend. “Our FedEx guy was scared of dogs and wouldn’t come to our front door with a package for the longest time, but we did some sensitization training with him and over the course of a year, he became best friends with Pippin,” her owner explained.