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Golden Retriever: Features and Traits of a Favorite Family Dog

Golden Retriever: Features and Traits of a Favorite Family Dog

The Golden Retriever is not a demanding pet. We have selected all the characteristics of this favorite pet for you.

It can be said with certainty that the golden retriever is one of the favorite pets. If you are thinking of getting one yourself, we give you some of their most adorable features.

Appearance and Characteristics

They belong to the group of medium-sized dogs, and weigh about 66 pounds on average. Their coat is long and smooth of golden or cream color and is quite easy to maintain. They are not overly prone to shedding, but regular combing is mandatory in order to keep the hair healthy and shiny.

In the first spring of their life the golden retrievers will change their undercoat, which can be made a lot faster with brushing, while a haircut is not necessary. The upper hair falls out throughout their lifespan, but since it is a bit longer, it is easy to clean. Brushing once or twice a week is recommended.

An Ideal Pet

The Golden Retriever is characterized by its mild and peaceful nature, which makes it an ideal pet. In addition, the retriever is often used as a therapy dog or guide dog. They are obedient and intelligent, so they can be taught many interesting, but also useful tricks.

They need a lot of physical activity daily, and you make sure that your dog gets it, he will not be a problematic pet at all. Having a big yard for a golden retriever will make their life exciting, always giving him ample room to run and explore.