Golden Retriever Gets Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Food Off The Counter

golden retriever stealing in the kitchen

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For the most part, our dogs are sweet little angels. But every once in a while they try to pull a fast one on us. And one adorable golden retriever named Luke was no exception. He had quite the sneaky side to him. And one of his escapades was actually caught on camera by his owner, Traci Grimsley.

Grimsley had been working at her computer when she noticed that Luke seemed to be scheming something. She was in the kitchen and realized that she’d left out a container of food that had caught Luke’s attention. Even though it was up on the countertop, Luke appeared determined to get to the food inside. It didn’t even seem to phase the pup that his owner was literally in the kitchen watching him.

As Grimsley said: “I was facing the opposite way, so he didn’t think I was paying attention.”

Still, he went for it. But he got busted in the process.

It was immediately evident that he’d been caught and he was in trouble. Grimsley wasn’t at all surprised by her dog’s scheming ways. But she was surprised by the fact that he was able to reach as far back on the counter as he did.

While the video showed that Luke’s attempt at getting food was a failure, Grimsley did note that people shouldn’t feel too bad for the dog. She shared with The Dodo that Luke had just finished a lovely dinner prior to his thieving attempts. She noted that her pup will often do things for attention. She has referred to Luke as a “permanently mischievous toddler.”

Luke is lucky he’s so adorable – we can only imagine that this clever pooch probably exploits his cuteness in order to get away with all his little antics.

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