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Golden Retriever Had The Most Wonderful 21st Birthday

Golden Retriever Had The Most Wonderful 21st Birthday

Do you remember the feeling you experienced when turning 21? You are finally considered an full adult, you can now legally drink – and it seem like your life is finally starting.

On the other side, turning 21 for others can also be pretty scary. Leaving behind your young adolescent years and having to actually act like a full on adult.

But if you’re a golden retriever, turning 21 (or three in human years) can literally only be epic. Not much will change in your life. Your owners will still spoil you with the most expensive treats and the cutest toys. You two will continue to go on long walks and you will never be too old to cuddle up with them.

No wonder this golden had such a wonderful 21st birthday. It all started off pretty low key, with a walk, but soon it all developed to become a completely epic day. He even stopped for a drink and had a lovely brunch on top of picking out a toy in the pet shop.

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