Golden Retriever Has A Cute Moment With His Feathered Friend

golden retriever best friend with parrot

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Romance is overrated. In reality, it’s all about the friendship. We’re all just looking for a best friend who shares our love of food. And one dog has found that with a little birdie who gives him pasta.

In a very comical take on the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, a cockatoo is caught on camera sharing some noodles with their buddy, a golden retriever. The bird is stood on the countertop of the kitchen, picking up bits of pasta in its beak. Down on the ground, the dog is waiting patiently to be fed.

It’s incredible to see the bond between these two. They’re both so gentle with their mannerisms. It appears that the bird is very intent on making sure the dog is well cared for – and the dog certainly isn’t complaining about that. He seems to be really enjoying the free food.

Watch the little romantic dinner for two below:

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