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Golden Retriever Missing For ONE YEAR Finally Reunites With Owner

Golden Retriever Missing For ONE YEAR Finally Reunites With Owner

One should never lose hope – That’s the lesson this incredible story of a missing golden retriever reuniting with his owner after one year can teach us!

Walter the golden retriever went missing in suburban St. Louis. It seems that the dog was wandering around the woods behind an industrial park.

Kate Olson, who lives in New England, was visiting relatives in Missouri last Thanksgiving when Walter slipped out of his collar and took off. Olson stayed in Missouri for weeks searching for the dog and printing and distributing fliers.

Kate eventually had to return back to New England but never stopped thinking about her beloved missing dog. She returned in January to continue her search, but still having no luck in finding her pooch, she created a Facebook page named “Where’s Walter?” and enlisted animal rescue groups in the search.

But then, a miracle happened!

On Friday, Olson got the call she had been so desperately waiting for. A group based in Belleville, Illinois, called Lost Paws Trapping was able to capture Walter. Olson immediately got on a plane and was reunited with Walter on the same night.

Kate revealed: “He has been such a little love. He is the same sweet boy he was before and maybe even sweeter because he has missed getting loved on!”