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Golden Retriever Names: Choose The Best Name For Your Puppy

Golden Retriever Names: Choose The Best Name For Your Puppy
Golden Retriever Names

First thing new owners face when bringing new puppy into the house is: How to choose between so many Golden Retriever names, and what is the perfect one for my puppy.

It’s seems like an easy task at first, but soon you find yourself with too many options and you simply can’t decide. On the other hand you might have creative blockade and simply be unable to come up with a satisfactory name for your Golden.

Well, don’t worry and look no farther since we did an extensive research for you and made collection of all possible and impossible names in one place.

Rules To Follow When Picking Names For Your Golden Retrievers

Yes! It’s one of the best days in your life, your new Golden Retriever puppy just arrived in your home and instantly made it so much better. One problem is, you still haven’t decided what name to pick for your new best friend.

Maybe you want to name your puppy after some famous historical figure, or maybe you want to pick a name from Greek Mythology, maybe choose name based on color, or personality.

Whatever you choose remember that best names are those that will easily catch your Golden Retriever attention, this means short and brisk names.

Don’t over-complicate things, name should be short and easily understandable, but also name should have special meaning. Something to separate your Golden’s name from other Golden Retriever names.

Let’s Start: Choose Your Golden Retriever Name

Names that means “Gold” or “Golden” in different languages

Golden Retrievers got they name from the color of their coat that can occur in light golden to dark golden colors. So why not stay true to your Golden personality and color and name him/her “Gold” or “Golden”.

Here is the list of names that means gold or golden in different languages.


Aneira (Welsh)
Aranka (Hungarian)
Aurie (Romanian)
Aurnia (Irish)
Bang vang (Vietnamese)
Chrysta (Greek)
Dior (French)
Dorata (Italian)
Doré (French)
Gouden (Dutch)
Gylden (Danish)
Gyllen (Norwegian)
Gyllene (Swedish)
Haimi (Hindi)
Hema (Hindi)
Jin (Chinese)
Kin (Japanese)
Kultainen (Finnish)
Li-Paz (Hebrew)
Marigold (English)
Niamh (Irish)
Nudara (Arabic)
Orlene (English)
Orelia (English)
Ora (Spanish)
Vanna (Cambodian)
Zarrin (Iranian)


Aureliano (Latin)
Aurelio (Spanish/Hawaiian)
Bang vang (Vietnamese)
Chrysostom (Greek)
Dorado (Spanish)
Dorian (Greek)
Dourado (Portuguese)
Gwri (Celtic)
Gildea (Irish)
Golding (English)
Goldwin (English “Golden friend”)
Hati (Hindi)
Hemadri (Indian)
Jin (Chinese)
Kanak (Hindi)
Kula (Hawaiian)
Li-Paz (Hebrew)
Midas (Hebrew)
Oriel (French)
Orlando (Latin)
Orvelle (French)
Slota (Polish)
Slaty (Czech)
Topaz (Latin)
Zlatan (Bosna)

Traditional Tracking And Hunting Dog Names

Golden’s were originally bred for hunting and field work. Here are some traditional Golden Retriever names.





Famous Golden Retrievers You Can Name Your Dog After

There were quite a few famous Golden Retrievers in the world. Why not name your Golden puppy after them?

Bailey – YouTube sensation, an adorable, funny, and famous Golden Retriever.
Liberty – Presidential pet of american President Gerald R. Ford
Comet – from Full House
Bud – from Air Bud
Dug – from Dug’s Special Mission
Shadow – from Homeward Bound
Brinkley – from You’ve Got Mail
Fluke – from the 1995 movie of the same name
Yeller – Golden mix from Old Yeller
RoseBud – from Air Buddies series

Golden Retriever Names From Mythology

There is something so captivating about names of all those various Gods and creatures from Greek or Norse Mythology

Greek Mythology Names For Golden Retriever


Aphrodite – Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure.
Athena – Goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence.
Artemis – Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals and young girls.
Dione – Titaness of the oracle of Dodona.
Eos – Titaness of the dawn.
Hera – Queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth.
Hestia – Virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and chastity.
Hemera – The goddess of day.
Leto – Titaness of motherhood.
Nyx – The goddess of night.
Rhea – Titaness of fertility, motherhood and the mountain wilds.
Selene – Titaness of the moon.
Theia – Titaness of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky.
Styx – Titaness of the Underworld.


Apollo – God of music, arts, knowledge, healing.
Ares – God of war, bloodshed, and violence.
Chronos – The leader of the Titans.
Epimetheus – Titan of afterthought and the father of excuses.
Hades – King of the underworld and the dead. God of wealth.
Hephaestus – God of fire, metalworking, and crafts.
Hermes – God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade.
Iapetus – Titan of mortality.
Orion – A giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars.
Poseidon – God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes.
Prometheus – Titan of forethought and crafty counsel.
Zeus – King of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus.

Norse Mythology Names For Golden Retriever


Astrilde – Goddess of love.
Eisa – Daughter of the trickster god, Loki.
Freya – Goddess of love, war, death and beauty
Groa – Groa was the name of a Goddess, it means “to grow”.
Idunn – Goddess of spring and the guard of the golden apples.
Joro – Goddess of the earth.
Lounn – Goddess of youth.
Nanna – Goddess who died of grief, her name means, ‘daring and brave.
Nott – Personification of night.
Ran – Goddess of the sea.
Siv – Wife of Thor, her name means “bride”.


Alf – Name of the King, his name means “elf”
Alvis -Name of the dwarf, it means “all wise”
Balder – Most beautiful God, loved by all the other gods.
Dagr – Personification of the day.
Fitch – God of arbitration and ruling.
Gunnar – Name which means “warrior”
Hugi – A giant in the Norse legend, personification of thought.
Loki – God of mischief.
Modi – Modi was the son of Thor. His name means ‘angry’.
Odin – Highest of the Gods in the Norse mythology.
Sigurd – Prominent God of the Norse mythology, his name means “Guardian”.
Thor – Norse god of war, strength and thunder.
Ull – the name Ull means “Glory”
Vali – son of the god Odin and Rindr.

Golden Retriever Names From Popular Culture

You can also name your Golden Retriever after your favorite singer, football player, movie character etc.
My Golden Retriever name is Hermione, based on one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter books and movies.
You have so many options to choose from today’s popular culture based on your preferences.

Golden Retriever Names Based On Color

Amber – a substance that is between gold and orange in color.
Blondie – perfect choice for the dogs with yellow coloring.
Caramel – the rich confection is beige/dark brown.
Copper – this is great for a male Golden Retriever.
Ember – an ember is a golden, hot coal with a rich coloring.
Ginger – a light shade of orange.
Honey – name that sums up their fur color so perfectly.
Maple – beautiful unique name.
Nugget – as in a gold nugget
Pumpkin – perfect name for dogs with an orange-ish hue.
Ruby – another cool name for a reddish Golden.
Toffee – cute and unique dog name.
Sunny – name that best describes Goldens personality and coat color.

Golden Retriever Names Based On Personality

Buddy – Suitable name for your best friend
Chewie – For a Goldie that loves to chew
Fluffy – Perfect name for Goldens with voluminous coats
Joy – It’s obvious – Golden Retrievers are a pure joy.
Happy – For those Goldens that are always happy


We have reached end of this article and hopefully you found a perfect name for your Golden Retriever puppy. Never forget that this puppy will forever change your life and be your true and loyal friend until the end.

Appreciate and enjoy every moment of this blessing!