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Golden retriever personality: The good and the bad

Golden retriever personality: The good and the bad
Golden retriever personality

Every Golden retriever owner will tell you how special their dog is and that the Golden retriever personality is something truly remarkable. They are smart, loving, carefree dogs. They are full of energy and love the outdoors. Golden retrievers also love their family, especially the kids in the family!

But is this everything that makes these dogs so amazing? I say no! There is so much more! This is why I want you to learn everything! All of the good and all of the bad personality traits that Golden retrievers have.

Disclaimer: To be completely upfront and honest with you, call me biased but the list of bag personality traits will be pretty short.

Golden retriever personality – The good

Golden retrievers have great personality traits, it’s no wonder they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. However great personality treats doesn’t mean these dogs are for everyone.

Just like any other breed (maybe even a little more) they require a lot of attention and taking care of. So please do your research before getting a Golden retriever so you know what’s coming and there are no surprises along the way.

Now onto all the positive personality traits a Golden retriever has.


Golden retrievers are very chill and easygoing dogs! They just seem like they get along with absolutely everyone. They are extremely loyal to their owners, but at the same time they love meeting new people and seeing new faces. Golden retrievers also have no problem with other pets be it a hamster or a bird.


Many people are surprised when they see how playful a grown adult Golden retriever actually is! But that’s how they are, it’s as if they stay young at heart no matter their age. They love running around and playing but sometimes they forget how big they actually are so they often act as if they were still tiny puppies!

Picture of Golden retriever to answer the question are Golden retrievers hyper?
Golden Retrievers start calming down somewhere around 2 or 3 years old


Golden retrievers hate being indoors. They love to go on adventures with their owners. Golden retriever also love to fetch, and they will happily accompany you whether you are jogging, cycling, hiking, or swimming! Golden retrievers also really enjoy the water and swimming, but if there is no body of water near by a mud filled puddle will also do.

Great with children

Golden retrievers make great family dogs, not only because they are so playful and smart, but because they get along great with children! It sound funny but they are extremely gentle with children. In fact, they love children so much that they will often treat human children like they were their own kids!

Highly intelligent

Golden retrievers are very smart, this is why they make such good therapy and guide dogs. They are extremely fast learners, not only because of their intelligence, but because they will do anything to please you. Golden retrievers don’t only need physical exercise, but because of their intelligence they need mental stimulation as well!

Golden retriever personality – The bad

Like I’ve said in the beginning the list of all the bad personality traits of Golden retrievers will be quite short.

Golden retrievers love to eat

Now, this doesn’t seem like it’s such a bad thing, however, given that Golden retrievers love to eat you need to be very careful how much you feed your dog. Also, they tend to be quite rude and stare at you until you give them a bite of whatever you’re eating. Golden retrievers will also try to eat anything that looks or smells like food, and they often eat way too much! So always pay attention to what your dog is doing and never leave food unattended.

Need a lot of attention

Golden retrievers are extremely affectionate, which in itself isn’t such a bad thing. However, they will follow you around the house, and sit at your feet when you are eating or watching television or even when you’re on the toilette! This can get a little bit annoying with time…

This also means that you can’t leave your dog alone for long periods of time, because they will be miserable. Golden retriever thrive in households where there is always someone with them!

Miserable at being watch and guard dogs

Golden retrievers are made to share love not to scare people away. I mean just look at them, they always look like they are smiling! So if you’re thinking about getting a Golden retriever as a guard dog, forget it! They are more likely to happily greet an intruder and bring them all of their toys than scare them off. It’s also not in the Golden Retrievers’ personality to bark, so you can’t really count on them to warn you if someone is lurking around your home.

Forever a puppy

I’ve mentioned their playful nature as a good personality trait, however some people might consider it to be a bad personality trait. Golden retrievers will stay hyper and playful throughout their whole life, so if you can’t deal with that maybe a Golden retriever isn’t the right dog for you.


Generally speaking, Golden retrievers have some of the best personalities among all dog breeds. They are very sweet, loving, and loyal. Because of all of their amazing personality traits, Golden retrievers make great family dogs, as well as good service dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs. However, it’s possible that they will get a little too much for some people because of their neediness and playful nature. So please to avoid any heartbreak do thorough research before getting a Golden retriever