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Golden Retriever Returns Home With A Cow

Golden Retriever Returns Home With A Cow

An incredibly smart golden retriever named “Xiao Er Ge” or “Little Brother” in English, lives in the city of Shaoyang, China.

Xiao Er Ge’s owner, Liu says: “He’s loved fetching things since he was a puppy. I’ve taught him to bring me sandals, tissues and small stools. We’ve been in the countryside since Chinese New Year and with the coronavirus outbreak in the country, we have been staying in the village and enjoying walks outside. Now he brings back things from outside. For instance, unwanted things discarded by neighbours, and items he finds at waste dumps. As long as he likes it, he’ll take it.”

“Xiao Er Ge” left many speechless when instead of bringing unwanted things home from the outside he brought home a cow – on a rope!

Thankfully the cow was left unharmed and quickly returned to it’s owner.