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Golden Retriever Serves As Flower Girl At Her Pawrents’ Wedding

Golden Retriever Serves As Flower Girl At Her Pawrents’ Wedding

Briana and Kevin Schaefer consider their 4-year-old Golden Retriever, Norah their daughter – or dog-ter if you prefer. When it came to planning their November 4 wedding, there was never any doubt that Norah would be included somehow.

“The bond we have with Norah is special, she’s our fur baby,” Briana said.

The couple decided that the golden cutie would serve as their flower girl, complete with a wreath of flowers draped around her neck.

Norah behaved like a perfect little lady during the ceremony, thanks to a savory incentive.

“She loves treats so she will do just about anything you ask of her, so long as there is a reward at the end,” the bride said.

Norah came into Briana and Kevin’s lives in 2014 when she was just a puppy. The pair had recently lost their beloved dog, Tandi to bone cancer and couldn’t bear the silence in their home.

 “She’s brought so much joy and laughter to the both of us in the four years we’ve had her—she’s part of the fabric of our little family,” said Briana. “My husband even made sure to include her in the proposal.”

That special moment took place last year at a very fitting location for the pup-loving couple.

When the big day finally arrived, guests at the couple’s Chicago wedding were not at all surprised to see Norah included in the ceremony.

 “I was asked by quite a few people prior to the wedding if she’d be in it,” Briana said.