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Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever Temperament

Do you even spend words describing the temperament of this wonderful race? You will immediately fall in love with golden retrievers. There are many reasons.
They have great behavior, intelligence and I would say a certain dose of charm. They are very easy to train and are very patient and calm dogs, especially in the company of children. Attached, loyal and self-confident, golden retrievers are among the most beloved breeds of dogs.

Main characteristics of Golden Retriever temperament

They are able to satisfy the needs of their owners very easily and it is simply amazing how easily they master dressage and create an unbreakable bond with their master. This is a race that dominates the appearance in competitions as well.

They are friendly towards everyone, including other dogs, which is a characteristic of dogs with weakly expressed guard instincts. They rarely show signs of aggression and they are excellent indicators and decisively signal the presence of an unknown person nearby.

A golden retriever dog holding a cooking on his nose and looking straight into camera

Humans and Golden retrievers

It is necessary for the race itself to be in the presence of people who are authoritative and strong-minded, and in their environment, golden retrievers show complete freedom and luxury. In the absence of regular physical and mental activity, golden retriever temperament can become a little irritable and destructive. Therefore, shower your dog regularly with warmth and love and you will enjoy one of the most beautiful and noble breeds of dogs.

Owner of a Golden Retriever

As an owner, be firm and unwavering. Be a confident master of the dog and thus you will for sure avoid your retriever showing some disorders in behavior and posture.

It is known that golden retrievers are very talented for hunting, tracking, endurance, finding, and why not say that they are one of the breeds of dogs that love to swim the most. A beautiful dog.

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