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Golden Retrievers And Cats: How Well Do They Get Along?

Golden Retrievers And Cats: How Well Do They Get Along?
Golden Retrievers And cats

Golden Retrievers are one of the most intelligent, social and lovable dog breeds, therefore they are typically good with cats and other pets.

But, you must remember that like humans, every dog is different. Most important thing is that you don’t rush with introduction and give time and space to your dog and cat.

As with humans first impression plays significant role in further relation between your pets, so it is of utmost importance to do this in a proper way.

By following tips and tricks bellow you will be ready to introduce your Golden Retriever to a cat in a proper and safe way. You will also be able to recognize signs if your two pets don’t like each other and act timely and accordingly to prevent accidents.

Tips For Introducing Your Golden Retriever To A Cat

Start Young

Fastest and easiest way to raise Golden Retrievers and Cats together is to do it at a young age. Chances of them connecting and developing friendship are much higher at the young age since neither the cat nor the dog will have that instinct to defend it’s territory.

If you already have older dog or cat and you are bringing in a new pet things will be a bit harder. Don’t worry though, by following simple rules and guidelines you will overcome this obstacle.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash

Best way to introduce your dog to a cat is to keep him on a leash, as this will help you restrain him when natural instincts kick in.

Reinforcing Good Behavior

Whenever you see your cat and dog behaving well and getting along you should reward and encourage that behavior with treats.

It’s a simple but extremely efficient solution.

Pet Barriers

Another great solution that will allow your cat and dog to get used to each other without danger of injuries. With Pet Barriers they will be able to see and smell each other in a safe and relaxed manner.

Give Your Pets Space

Both Golden Retrievers and cats need to have their own personal space where they can be alone, relax, play etc. By rushing to introduce them or allowing one of them to invade the personal space of the other you could unintentionally cause bad relationship between the two.

Keep Their Toys Separated

In many ways pets are just like children, they don’t want to share things and they are ready to go into fight over them.

Remember, cats are territorial animals, they will not tolerate dog playing with their toys and will fiercely defend their territory.
Best way to prevent this kind of behavior is to keep their toys and personal space separated.

How Can I Tell If My Cat And Golden Retriever Don’t Like Each Other?

There are few clear signs that you as an owner can recognize in your cat’s and dog’s relation.

If your Golden Retriever does not like your cat he will show it in a variety of ways. He will be too focused on a cat, looking at her as a potential prey.

He might bark, whine, snarl or even lunge at the cat.
This is why its always good, as a precaution, to keep your Golden Retriever on leash when introducing him to your cat.

Cats will also give clear signs that they don’t like your Golden Retrievers.

When introducing your cat to a Golden Retriever if their ears are pinned back, if they are hissing, yowling and spiting while their tail is swishing back and forth that is the clear sign they don’t like your dog.


There is a reason Golden Retrievers are ranked third on AKC’s breed popularity. This is an amazing breed with incredible personality. Loyal and devoted to humans, patient with children, friendly towards other pets and animals.

So, is it possible for Golden Retrievers and cats to live in harmony under one roof? Absolutely yes, when you train them that way.