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Golden Retrievers Don’t Bark A Lot And Here’s Why

Golden Retrievers Don’t Bark A Lot And Here’s Why

Golden retrievers are third most popular dog breed in United States and among the most popular around the world.

Beside their cuteness and kindness, Golden retrievers are relatively quiet compared to other dogs.

Goldies most often bark when they want to show their loyalty to the owners. While they might bark at strangers, it’s only to let their owners know someone is approaching them. The other reason for that is that they are very protective.

They’re some of the most docile, peaceful, and loving dogs you’ll find, showcased by how little fuss they cause.

Golden retrievers are very smart dogs, and you can easily train them so they only speak up when you want them to.

Also, Goldens very rarely bite, which another fantastic reason they’re commonly used as support and service animals — they’re be friendly and caring with everyone they meet!

If you’re in the mood for a sweet, quiet dog that won’t wake the neighbors up (or you), the golden retriever is a great way to go! There are many, many witnesses who can testify to this, right?