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Golden Retriever’s Head Out The Car Window: A Dangerous Habit!

Golden Retriever’s Head Out The Car Window: A Dangerous Habit!
Golden Retriever's Head Car Window

We all know how tremendously enjoyable and fun traveling with our dogs can be. There are few things more interesting and satisfying for your furry friend than driving in the car. One thing you need to look out for during these trips is the safety of your dog. Contrary to what you see in movies or commercials you should never ever let your Golden Retriever’s head sticking out of the car window during the drive.

This sort of behavior can lead to serious injuries and even death of your Golden Retriever. Therefore it’s of utmost importance that you understand all the dangers of this irresponsible behavior as well as all the alternative options you can use instead.

Why You Should Never Drive With Your Golden Retriever’s Head Sticking Out The Car Window

When you let your Golden Retriever to stick it’s head out of the window during the drive you risk potential injuries, some of which are:

Your dog could lose it’s eye

Even the smallest particles or bugs become dangerous projectiles during high speed driving. These particles could cause serious damage to your dog’s eye or in some cases even loss of an eye.

Injuries to your dog’s ears

Lets say you bought your Golden goggles to protect his eyes. You also spent couple of weeks training him not to remove them with his paws. This still does not eliminate all the threats.

For example, your dog’s soft ear flaps, also known as pinnae can swell and become tender causing serious pain due to excessive flapping in the wind. After repeated trauma, the soft tissue in the ears can scar,. This in turn will cause lifelong problems for your Golden Retriever.

Falling or jumping out the car window

Don’t be fooled by the fact you left the window down only for dog’s head to go out of the window. Dogs are agile and nimble animals and they will find a way and space to crawl trough that opening. This may result in your dog falling out of the car at the full speed, which will result in serious injuries or even worse.

Golden Retriever unsecured during car crash or sudden stop

You need to understand that you are on a road and you never know what might happen. You might suddenly stop, or maybe lose control over the vehicle, you might have a car accident. Just think what would happen to your unsecured dog in situations like this.

Golden Retriever’s Head Out The Car Window: What are the alternatives?

To be completely sure your dog is safe and enjoying his ride you can lower the windows, but your pooch needs to be properly restrained in harness.

This way your dog will still feel the air rushing sensation and all the outside smells but in a safe and controlled manner.

IMPORTANT: Always check that your back windows are locked since dogs learn pretty quick to let them down using the automatic levers.

Also, never let your Golden Retriever sit in the front seat. This can lead to serious injuries in case airbags are deployed since they are not designed to protect animals.

Golden Retriever's Head Car Window

Most of us consider our Goldens as our babies, I know I do. Now you wouldn’t leave your baby roaming free and unsecured inside the car during the drive, would you? The same thing applies to dogs and pets in general. As an owner you must provide enough attention and love to your pet, but also be very careful responsible.