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Golden Retrievers REFUSES To Leave The Beach

Golden Retrievers REFUSES To Leave The Beach

You know how after a nice day at the beach you feel like you could stay there forever and never leave. Well… This golden retriever sure does!

After spending the nicest day ever at the beach his owner had the audacity to tell him it’s time to go home. The dog wasn’t feeling it but instead wanted to stay a bit longer so he tried the old classic move and played dead.

Unfortunately, his owner didn’t fall for it but instead tried to still make him get up and leave the beach. After the dog did not move an inch, the owner dropped his leash. This did make the dog a bit nervous, so he quickly got up. But as soon as his owner took the leash again, he went back to playing dead.

While these two were arguing, the people around them had the best laugh.

The whole situation was captured on camera and the footage was posted on TikTok, by the account @cearp10. People in the comments were absolutely hysterical about the whole situation and the video was liked by more than 600 k people.