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Golden Retrievers Show Sick Children How To Pass Hospital Tests More Easily

Golden Retrievers Show Sick Children How To Pass Hospital Tests More Easily

The group of therapy dogs, which consists of six golden retrievers, are part of a volunteer group that helps sick children to go through hospital tests as easily as possible.

Milo, Hattie, Quinn, Jessie, Leo and Archie are helping out at Southampton Children’s Hospital in England.

Children play and cuddle with dogs, but dogs aren’t there just for that, they show kids how to do special medical tests that look scary.

It all started 7 years ago when a boy in the hospital had to wear a breathing mask that he was afraid of and had never used before. They brought a therapy dog that gave him comfort and security, and also showed him how to use the mask. The dog pushed his snout into the mask and inhaled.

When the boy saw the dog putting on the mask, he too decided to give it a try. They have recently started making videos and photos with them using medical equipment and performing tests. One of them is RTg, CT and MR which immediately look less scary when you see a dog doing it.

All dogs make their patients laugh, provide them with comfort and security and this is a great way to make it easier for children to stay in the hospital and perform various tests.

Jessie loves to show how she does the ECG, the bitch loves to lie on her back because she knows she will cuddle.

Leo loves to go for an X-ray so they photographed him like that and show the patients pictures to show them that the search is nothing terrible.

Dogs do not go through literally all of these tests, but they serve as demonstrators and it is very quickly seen that children relax after the cheerful golden muzzles perform the tests.