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Having Trouble Bonding? Here’s How To Get Your Golden Retriever To Love You More

Having Trouble Bonding? Here’s How To Get Your Golden Retriever To Love You More

Noticing that your golden retriever not loving you like they used to, them picking another person for cuddling and hanging out with – can be really hurtful.

Or maybe you just adopted a new goldie and want to to whatever it takes for you two to create a strong bond.

Either way we are bringing you some tips on what you can do to help that process out a little bit.

Exercise together

Golden Retrievers are meant to get a lot of exerise in order to stay healthy and happy. Going together for a run or a hike can really bring you two closer. If you are not the sportsman try going on long easy walks together.

Feed them right – healthy food that they enjoy eating

Wanting your dog do stay healthy is amazing but at some point it is important to draw the line. The food your dog eats, besides being healthy, also has to be enjoyable and something they actually like. If that isn’t the case they might protest by not eating and start to focus their frustration towards you.

Always make sure to comfort them in uncomfortable situations

Being in uncomfortable situations can take a tool on how your dog sees you, especially if you were not the one to comfort them during those moments. When going to the vet make sure you are right there by your dogs side, also when you feel your dog being scared or nervous- try your best to make them know that they will be okay and that you are there to protect them.

Train them and teach them tricks

Training your dog does not have to be some unpleasant experience for the both of you. Make it fun and easy, they are not in military school. It’s okay if they need time. Make sure to reward your dog generously.

Avoid punishing them and please stop with the unnecessary yelling

Golden retrievers are sensitive, intuitive and emotional beings. Please try to remain calm even after they did something you might not be too thrilled about. They are smart but they still have the right to mess up from time to time. You mess up too. Have that in mind.