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Heat cycles of a Golden Retriever

Heat cycles of a Golden Retriever

Most healthy and maintained females get so-called heat cycles twice a year, ie. they enter the ovulation process. The intervals between menstrual cycles are usually even and amount to six months. In some cases, this period of time can be longer, but this is not a sign of alarm.

The heat cycles of a Golden Retriever take place in two phases:

  1. In the initial phase, changes are noticed in the female in the form of swelling of the genitals. You will probably see the female often “wash” in the region of the reproductive organ and this is the first indication that a period of a heat cycles of a Golden Retriever is coming
  2. The second phase is just bleeding or menstruation and it usually lasts 21 days (three weeks). The blood may be lighter or darker while the amounts that flow also vary. It is very important for you as the owner to note the date when menstruation started. This is important for determining fertile days. Namely, the new egg is ready for fertilization between the tenth and fourteenth day. If you want a litter, these are fertile days when you can bring a male to a female. Of course, if you do not want to mate a female, it is very important to isolate her from possible contact with males during the fertile days

Females and fertile days

Females in the period of fertile days accept the presence of males and they themselves emit odors that attract suitors 🙂 Even some females have such a pronounced urge that you can expect them to run away from the yard if the opportunity arises. Also, males who would come to your yard will do everything in their attempts to eventually cross the fence and reach the female. So beware!

Female retriever in heat cycle with other dogs and owner

Mating of a Golden Retriever

If you have decided to mate, you can expect a cub in nine weeks or about 63 days. If it happens that the day of birth is after 65 days from conception, we recommend that you call a veterinarian because there can be difficulties and complications that can only be prevented by an educated person. Unprofessional births are a risk both for the puppies and for the life of your Golden Retriever female. The diet of the female after birth is such that she gets strong and very liquid food that is easily digested. It is very important to check the temperature of the female in the period after giving birth, which must not exceed the normal 38 degrees. In cases of fever, call a veterinarian immediately.

We will write about the maintenance of the new litter and the details of the nutrition and development of the puppies in one of the following texts.

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