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Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy Review

Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy Review
Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy

Dogs are much like children. Always happy and ready for play. However, these are also intelligent animals that get bored if they play with some old toys or if they don’t get enough physical and mental activity. Therefore, it is crucial that owners provide enough different, interesting toys to make satisfy these needs. One of such toys is most certainly the Hide A Squirrel dog toy.

What Is A Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy?

Hide-A Squirrel dog toy is a puzzle toy that consists of a tree trunk and three or more squeaky squirrels. It comes in several sizes, the largest one has six squeaky squirrels that you can hide inside the tree.

How Does A Hide A Squirrel Toy Work?

When you want to play with your dog, simply fill the tree trunk with squirrels and toss it on the ground.

Your dog’s natural hunting instincts will instantly kick in and you will soon see him going berserk trying to get the squeaky squirrels out of the trunk.

You can also play the game of fetch with the squirrels your dog pulled out of the tree or simply put them back inside the tree.

Are These Dog Toys Safe For My Dog?

Yes, these are stuffed toys with a plush texture that are easy on the teeth. However, these are not indestructible toys and you should always remove and replace the toy if damaged.

What Are The Benefits Of Puzzle Toys?

As we have already said, the Hide A Squirrel dog toy is a puzzle toy. Generally, puzzle toys are great for the mental stimulation of dogs. When a dog is playing with a puzzle toy, he is using his problem-solving skills and completely focuses on something that is fun and positive. Puzzle toys, like Hide A Squirrel dog toys, are ideal for preventing boredom.