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How A Golden Retriever Named Banks Changed The Life Of His Owner Forever

How A Golden Retriever Named Banks Changed The Life Of His Owner Forever

Having a golden retriever means so much more than having “just a dog”. It means having unconditional love, a cuddle buddy, an anxiety reliever and so many other beautiful things at the same time.

Choosing to a adopt a golden retriever means choosing to finally change your life for the better and fill it up with joy – that was something Brooke Nicole learned during the last year.

Brooke revealed to ‘The Goldens’ exclusively: “My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years. And throughout those years, I’ve BEGGED him to get us a dog together. He didn’t understand how much I was willing to give to have a dog, now he totally does.”

After years of convincing, her boyfriend of six years finally gave in and they got a golden retriever puppy – Banks.

Brooke continued: “FINALLY fall 2019 my boyfriend agreed that we can get one. I literally cried tears of joy. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a golden, so I began my search.”

The couple would finally welcome Banks into their family just a few days before Christmas. Could there be a better gift from Santa? We think not!

“After a couple months of doing my research, I found someone who had a litter of golden retrievers that would be ready to take home just days before christmas. The day we were supposed to go pick out our furever puppy, I couldn’t make it due to work. So, I trusted my boyfriend, Josh to choose our future furbaby! I told him to go with his gut, and whichever puppy feels right – do it! Clearly, he made the right choice!”

Not long after they adopted Banks, quarantine began and Brooke had a lot of time to get to know her golden puppy, needless to say- she completely fell in love and they became best friends!

All the time spent together with Banks saved her from the total chaos the world fell into due to COVID.

Brooke explained: “During his prime puppy stages, we were all quarantined due to COVID, so I had just been furloughed from my job. I was high-key so happy to spend even more time with Banks.”

During that period, Brooke even took the time to learn her pooch some pretty amazing tricks:

“This meant more time for training, too! We worked on his tricks, his manners, and lots and lots of play time and love! I don’t know what I would have done without Banks during quarantine/COVID craziness. He DEFINITELY kept me busy. Fun fact, he is bell trained! Whenever he has to go potty, he will ring the bell to let me know hes gotta go!”

After five months of quarantine Brooke realized how precious her time spent with Banks really is, so she figured out a way to work from home even after the lockdown is over. Starting a new job and sticking to work from home turned out to be a fantastic idea that perfectly suited Brooke’s new lifestyle.

She revealed: “I was out of work for 5 months (March – August), so needless to say, Banks and I had created a bond so strong during those few months. I couldn’t imagine going back to work and leaving him every night. So, I started thinking of different job opportunities to pursue that would allow me to work from home. Long story short, I took a HUGE risk and made an entire career change – and I did it all for Banks.”

After all of the changes – Brooke came out better than ever and is living a life she is completely in love with: “I’ve NEVER been happier in my career. I absolutely love my new job, I love my new lifestyle, and it’s crazy but it’s all because of my dog. Banks is also my emotional support animal, so he has learned how to help me cope with my mental health issues as well.”

She explained how her golden truly has turned her life upside down, in the best way possible: “Needless to say, Banks has changed my life for the better in every way possible. He is the light in my world, and the love I have for him, and the bond we share is unbreakable.”

And we believe it truly is.

Make sure to follow Banks on Instagram and TikTok, to get all the updates on their amazing life. His owner Brooke creates some pretty amazing content, we are sure you will love it just as much as we do!