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How do dogs drink water?

How do dogs drink water?
how do dogs drink water

Water is very important for the functioning of the organism. Sufficient water intake triggers all processes in the body. If you have ever observed a dog while drinking water you may have noticed a specific way in which it ingests water. If you have not paid attention, we will explain how to do dogs drink water.

Many think that dogs just stick out their tongue, bend it and pick up water from a bowl. However, this is not exactly the case. The process of drinking water is much more “complicated” than it seems.

Backward, not forward

When a dog drinks water it seems to you that its tongue is bent forward when it catches water. But that is not the case. The dog’s tongue is bent backward acting like a small pale to scoop the water.

how dogs drink water?

How do dogs drink water?

Dogs know exactly what they are doing. They make quick movements that help them get the fluid they need. Of course, they are not that skilled, so they happen to spill water while drinking. The reason why they drink water like that is that they have no cheeks and automatically do not have the ability to suction water. They actually make the shape of a spoon with their tongue and thus ingest water quickly.

What is interesting is that every breed of dogs has its method of drinking water. Due to the different sizes of the tongue, not all dogs can take fluids at the same speed and manner.

dogs drinking water explanation

Why are they messy?

Dogs make water columns while consuming water and try to make the largest possible ones. In order to succeed, they have to more or less put their tongues in the water and so a mess occurs. You know that dogs do not care about mess, so this mess does not bother them either. Unlike dogs, cats do not do this because they do not like mess and make slower movements.

If you are bothered by the mess your dog is making, try buying bowls with bottles that limit the flow of water or buy mats that absorb water.

How dogs ‘way of drink water is completely different from humans’

As already stated, dogs do not have cheeks and that is the difference between them and people. Dogs have so-called “incomplete cheeks”. The opening of their mouth is opened to the sides of their cheeks. That opening allows them to have a big bite but doesn’t allow them to suck up water.

When they tried to suck in water, air would enter from the sides. For this reason, they developed a way of drinking with their tongues.