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How do dogs get fleas and what to do?

How do dogs get fleas and what to do?
How do dogs get fleas

Fleas are annoying! It’s a fact. They are not only annoying for dogs, but for owners too! Your dog keeps itching and scratching itself, and you’re left helpless. Simply not knowing what to do and how to help. The biggest question in your head is probably “How do dogs get fleas?”. How does it happen and how can you even help?

Don’t despair, it’s normal for your pooch to have fleas and it doesn’t have to be such a pain to get rid of them either! Your dog can get these pests anywhere, in the park, from other animals, on a short walk. There is no rule!

In this article we’re going to answer the question “How do dogs get fleas” and how to get rid of them for good!

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How do dogs get fleas?

First things first, let’s explain how and where your beloved pup actually gets fleas. It’s actually easier for your dog to pick up fleas than you’d think. Frankly, dogs can catch them just about anywhere! And we’re not even exaggerating!

1. Dogs catch them from other animals

Most of the time your dog will get fleas from other animals, be it pets or wildlife. Dogs are very social, they love to greet and sniff other dogs and puppies at the park or during walks. They can catch fleas even from other animals in your household. It’s simple, fleas can jump from one animal to the other and infect them.

Fleas don’t care which animal it is. Generally speaking, even though the dog flea prefers to feed on dogs, the cat flea isn’t picky and will target dogs as well as your pet cat. Another problem is that the cat flea is actually more common than the dog flea.

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What to do: As said above, dogs are very social animals. So please don’t restrict thei contact with other pets. It’s better to use a flea treatment regularly and apply it to all pets in the household!

2. At different pet facilities

The veterinary office, doggy day care, grooming facilities and boarding kennels are all pet facilities where your dog could get fleas. This is because they are not always free from fleas. Not all dog owners make sure their pet is flea free, so fleas can easily find their way into the facility.

Dog flea treatment
Dog flea treatments are very important

What to do: Ask the facility how their flea prevention protocol is. How they make sure pets are protected. Also ask how often they have outbreaks in their facilities.

3. Your home

Believe it or not, your pet can actually get fleas in your home! This happens because you actually unknowingly bring flea eggs into your house. You bring flea eggs on your clothing, or your friends pets can bring them into your home too! Besides this wild animals, such as mice that might have set up camp under your floorboards can bring flea eggs into your home too!

What to do: Having fleas in your home directly is a much bigger problem, but it’s not unsolvable.

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What you need to do is:

  • Wash all bedding, including pet bedding in hot water
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpets to help remove flea eggs and dispose of the bag outside, away from the house
  • Steam clean your carpet to help kill flea larvae
  • Use special flea spray from your vet on furniture, flooring, and pet bedding

In the case that you have a furry friend visiting your home, politely ask if their flea treatment is up-to-date in order to make sure that they will not infect your pet.

If rodents are brinking flea larva into your home you will have to firstly tackle that issue first.

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In conclusion, your dog can get fleas anywhere, from the dog park to your own home. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed the right way. First, you have to pinpoint where your dog got the fleas and then decide on a way to solve the problem. We know that it is very annoying to find out your dog has fleas, but stay calm and know that the issue can be solved permanently.