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How Do Dogs See The World Compared To Humans

How Do Dogs See The World Compared To Humans
How do dogs see

Have you ever wondered how do dogs see the world? Does he see the same as you? Is his favorite toy the same color in his eyes as yours? I’m sure you want to know more about this!

Today I will explain to you how dogs see the world and what colors they recognize. Unlike humans, they recognize only a few colors. They do not have the same eye structure and therefore see differently from us, but that of course does not make them any less valuable.

How do dogs see?

Dogs actually see like people who are colorblind. They can see 2 types of colors: blue-purple and yellow. They can also see gray which belongs to the undertone of purple. Unfortunately, they can’t recognize orange, red, yellow, and green. They use their sense of smell, hearing, and position for orientation. For example, if dogs knew how to use a traffic light, they would not be able to distinguish red and green, but they could distinguish the position of these colors. Also by the sound, they could tell when they can safely cross the street.

Also, what helps them is their wide vision. The eyes in dogs are often positioned on the side of the head and so they see a much wider picture than humans. However, they have to be much closer to the object in order to spot it, unlike humans. This helps them spot predators, threats, or simply helps them during walks.

dogs and humans field of vision compared
Dogs have wider field of vision than humans

What do dogs see when they watch TV?

I’m sure you often watch a movie with your furry friend. While some dogs follow everything that happens on TV and react to the characters, others often do not show interest. Although sound attracts your dog’s attention the most, the image also plays a big role.

What explains the dog’s reaction while watching TV is that they have a higher ‘flicker rate’ than humans. The rate of frames per second for humans is 60, and for dogs is 70 frames per second. This means that high-resolution TVs provide a much clearer picture for dogs than the old TVs.

orange color
Humans see this
dogs seeing of colors and pictures
Dogs see this

How do dogs see at night?

Unlike people who have a much more developed vision during the day than at night, dogs see very well at night. Although it has not yet been scientifically proven how well they see in the dark, they are thought to see at least 6 times better than humans. However, that doesn’t mean they can see when it’s very dark or when there’s no light.

picture of nature
Humans see this
dogs vision of nature
Dogs see this

Five facts about dog eye-sight:

  1. Dogs have dichromatic vision, which means that your pooch sees things mostly in blue-violet, yellow, and shades of gray.
  2. A dog’s eyes glow green in the dark because it’s reflecting off the tapetum lucidum.
  3. Because of the high volume of light-sensitive rods in a dog’s eye, dogs are able to detect motion much faster than humans.
  4. Sight is not a primary sense for dogs, they also use their sense of smell or hearing to navigate the world.
  5. Unlike the 20:20 vision of people, dogs have a visual acuity of 20:80. That means that humans can see objects clearly at 80 feet, while dogs can only see clearly if it’s within 20 feet.