How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run?

How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run

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Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are, of course, several reasons why we love Goldens so much. Goldens are intelligent, gentle, playful, friendly, goofy, affectionate, and energetic dogs. However, Golden Retrievers are not for everyone. For example, if you are a “couch potato,” then Golden Retriever is not a dog for you. On the other hand, if you are an active, outgoing person, Golden will be a perfect dog for you. Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs and they need plenty of exercise and physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Originally bred to fit the role of a working dog that retrieves gunned down waterfowl, Golden Retrievers love activity, they love to run, it’s simply in their genes. But, just how fast can a Golden Retriever run?

How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run?

How fast and how much can a Golden Retriever run depends on several factors such as age, fitness level, and health. It is also important to differentiate between two types of running. Golden Retrievers can either run in short bursts or they can be long-distance runners.

When running in short bursts, Golden Retriever can reach the speed of about 35 mph (56.33 km/h). When running longer distances, Golden Retriever will easily reach and maintain a speed of around 12 mph (19.31 km/h). 

Golden Retrievers are not the fastest of dog breeds. For example, Greyhounds can run as fast as 44.74 mph (72 km/h).

However, when comparing a Golden’s speed to that of a human, results are impressive. The fastest human ever runs only 27.8 mph (44.74 km/h), also Golden Retrievers can maintain a running pace for many miles.


Golden Retriever is a working, energetic dog breed that can either run fast in bursts or maintain speed for many miles. Goldens are perfect dogs for physically active people as they need plenty of exercise and will make perfect workout companions. 

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