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How many hours a day do dogs sleep: Sleeping positions

How many hours a day do dogs sleep: Sleeping positions

As a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that your beloved pooch actually sleeps a lot! But, how many hours a day do dogs sleep actually? According to experts dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day! Of course, this is just an estimate, there is no universal answer that applies to all dog breeds. Factors like a dog’s age, breed, and environment that determine how much sleep will be enough.

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In todays article we’re going to focus on your dog’s sleeping positions and what they mean!

How many hours a day do dogs sleep?

As mentioned above, there are different factors that determine how much a dog sleeps. For example, larger breeds tend to sleep more than smaller breeds.

Besides this, a dog’s lifestyle is a factor too. Working dogs with activity-filled days sleep less, while those who lead sedentary lives will sleep more. It’s simply because they have more time to sleep.

Age plays an important role too, puppies can spend up to 20 hours sleeping a day! Incredible, right?

Now that you know how much dogs usually sleep, what about the sleeping positions, what do they tell you about your dog?

Three most common sleeping positions

If you own a dog you’ve probably seen your dog sleep in some very weird positions. Sometimes they sleep on their back with all fours up, sometimes they curl up like a little donut, but what do theit sleeping positions mean?

Cute donut

How many hours a day do dogs sleep - the donut position
The donut

The donut is a very common dog sleeping position and it’s when canines curl up into a little ball or donut! According to experts dogs sleep that way when they’re undisturbed—in balls, curled up. Besides this dogs curl up like a little donut in order to make themselves as small as possible because it helps them regulate body temperature.


The Superman sleeping position
The superman

Does your dog sleep stretched out with his or her legs in front of their heads and kicked back behind their butts? This is called the Superman position and it has also something to do with regulating temperature. You know that the fur on your dog’s stomach is not as thick as the fur on the rest of their body. The Superman position happens when the surface that the dog is lying on is relatively cooler than the air around him. This means your dog does it to cool down a little bit!

Little lion

Dog sleeping in lion position - How many hours a day do dogs sleep
The lion position

When dogs are in the lion sleeping position, meaning they put their head on their front paws, this is when they are just resting. Your dog is just dozing and not in a deep sleep state.