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How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

Finding out your Golden retriever being pregnant is definitely very exciting and a little bit scary! Especially if it’s the first time. Being prepared, and making sure everything is ready for the new litter is a must. But, in all the chaos of making sure everything is perfect, probably wondering how many puppies do Golden retrievers have? For how many puppies should you prepare yourself and your home?

How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

I remember when my Golden retriever was pregnant, I was so afraid. I didn’t know what was about to happen, nor if I could care for so many little babies. How do I take care of my pregnant dog? Should I help my dog in the birthing process, what do I need to prepare? There were so many questions in my head.

My fear got even bigger when I found just how many puppies a Golden retriever could birth! It was a real shock for me!

How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

Generally speaking, the average litter size of a Golden retriever is around eight beautiful puppies. However, your Golden retriever can give birth to up to 12 puppies!

It’s so many, I know!

However, then I remembered that my dog could sense my anxiety, and that it was probably not really good for her during that time. So I calmed down and did some research.

First, I want you to know that, yes eight puppies does sound like a lot, but I know you can do it! Secondly, humans are not usually needed for help in the birthing process. Of course, it is good for you to be there, so your Golden retriever doesn’t feel left alone.

What affects the litter size?

So, we’ve said that the average litter size is around eight puppies. However, according to the Guinness World Records, in 2004. a dog from Neopolitan Mastiff have birth to 24 puppies! Yup, you read that right, 24 puppies! If the average is eight puppies, but it can even happen that a Golden retriever gives birth to 24 puppies, so what affects the litter size?

The age of your Golden retriever, her size, her health, her diet and her genetics can all affect a litter size.


The younger the Golden retriever, the smaller the litter. Generally speaking, the first litter is always the smallest. The size of your Golden retriever’s litter increases when the dog is between 4 and 5 years old.


How big or small your Golden retriever is can also affect how many puppies your dog will birth.


The food you give your Golden retriever can also highly influence the litter size. If your dog is eating high-quality, healthy food, this can lead to a bigger litter.


Health plays a huge role in the litter size. If your Golden retriever has any type of health issues or is overweight it can too lead to a smaller litter.

How many puppies do Golden retrievers have? - Proud mother with her babies


Lastly, genetics play a huge role in how big a litter will be as well. Do a little bit of research on your dog’s mother. If she had a small litter, your golden retriever is likely to have a small litter too.

Finding out how many puppies your dog is carrying

Now that you know what the average size of a litter is, you should also know that you can find out how many puppies your dog is carrying. By the end of the pregnancy you can take your dog to the vet where an ultrasound or X-ray can be performed. This way you can find out the exact number of puppies inside your pregnant Golden retriever.

Conclusion – How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

We’ve answered the question “how many puppies do Golden retrievers have”, which is on average eight puppies. We’ve also explained what determines the size of a litter, like the age of your Golden retriever, her health, and her genetics. So after reading all of this, you should know what to expect during your dog’s pregnancy and how to act.