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How Many Ribs Do Dogs Have?

How Many Ribs Do Dogs Have?
How Many Ribs Do Dogs Have

You have probably seen the ribs and the rib cage of your dog, provided that he is not overweight, and wondered how many ribs do dogs have?

Well, in this article we will provide all the information you need to know about the dog’s ribs, rib cage, and rib injuries. 

What are ribs?

Ribs are curved, slender, long bones with a joint connection that articulates to the spinal vertebrae.

What are dog’s ribs made of?

Dog’s ribs are made of hard, mineralized tissue.

How many ribs do dogs have?

Dogs have 13 pairs of ribs or 26 ribs in total. Nine pairs are connected to the sternum (sternal) and four pairs of ribs are connected to the cartilage (asternal). We call the first seven pairs of ribs that are directly connected to the sternum, “true ribs”.

How Many Ribs Do Dogs Have

The next five pairs of ribs are connected to the sternum via cartilage, these are called “false ribs.” The last pair of ribs is somewhat different from other pairs. It’s connected directly to the spine. However, this pair doesn’t extend all the way to the front part of the sternum (frontal part of the ribcage).

What is the purpose of a dog’s rib cage?

The purpose of the rib cage is to provide structural stability to the dog’s body as well as protection of the most important internal organs in the thoracic cavity such as heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, spleen, liver, etc.

The rib cage also assists in respiration and provides support for the upper extremities.

Dog ribs injuries

Your dog’s ribs may suffer a fracture as a result of external trauma such as being hit by a car. These rib fractures are extremely dangerous and they need immediate medical care. 

Broken ribs can puncture internal organs such as the lungs, spleen, etc. These fractures are also extremely painful. 

How can I tell if my dog broke a rib?

There are several symptoms of a broken or fractured rib in dogs. 

These are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Whining
  • Stiff gait
  • Reluctance to stand or walk
  • Lethargy
  • Pain when moving

How much will the treatment of my dog’s fractured ribs cost me?

The price of the treatment may vary greatly depending on the severity of the injury. Smaller fractures will cost you around $150 while the severe fractures that require surgery can cost you as much as $5000.