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How To Become Golden Retriever’s Favorite Person?

How To Become Golden Retriever’s Favorite Person?
Golden Retriever's Favorite Person

We will start this article with a question. Can I become my Golden Retriever’s favorite person?

The short answer is Yes! While Golden’s are not one of the breeds that are known for strong bonds with one individual, they can still have their favorites.

How Do Golden Retrievers Choose Their Favorite Person?

While no one can say for sure why dogs choose one person to be their favorite, certain things make the bond between you and the dog stronger.

Connection During The Key Period

Goldens tend to develop a strong bond with a person that cares for them during the most fragile period of their lives.

If you are the one caring for a Golden Retriever puppy during this key period you can develop a deep and strong bond that will last for a lifetime. This key period of socialization starts the moment they are born and lasts until they are about six months of age.

Positive Association

This really isn’t rocket science. If your dog associates you with good things and feelings they will tend to like your presence more.

Now, you need to understand this isn’t achieved only by food and delicious treats! Anything that your dog loves can work in your favor. This can be a long walk, or a road trip, discovering new places with your Golden, etc.

Your Personality

Believe it or not Golden Retrievers, and dogs in general can choose their favorite person based on personality. They will choose the person that is best suited to them regarding personality and energy level. So, if you are an energetic, outgoing, affectionate person in the house that is a big plus for you. If that’s not the case then you will need to focus on other things.

Affection And Attention

Just like humans, dogs love to be with a person that shows them enough attention and affection. So, being the one that takes them for a walk every day is a big plus. But it is important to notice that this alone will probably not be enough to take that prestigious title of your Golden Retriever’s favorite person in the house.

How Can I Become My Golden Retriever’s Favorite Person?

Being the Golden Retriever’s favorite person in the house is what every one of us is striving for, even though no one wants to admit this. So, here are a few tips and tricks to increase your chances of becoming your Golden’s favorite.

Play with your Golden

Playing tug, fetch, seek, or hide will help your dog to associate you with fun things and good feelings.

Food Is Love

Oh, yes it is! And we all know how much our Goldens like to eat. So, if you are the one that feeds your dog every day you will naturally have an advantage over other members of the household. Also, try to establish eye contact to further strengthen your bond during mealtime.

Massage or Grooming Session

We can say that Golden Retrievers never really grow up when talking about this aspect of their life. They absolutely love to jump in our laps and cuddle and if you are the one they do this with, you are on the right track.


In the end, what is really important is that your Golden Retriever is living a good, healthy, and fun life. Care for your dogs, provide them with lots of playtimes and healthy food, and enjoy every moment with them.