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How To Clean Your Golden Retriever’s Ears?

How To Clean Your Golden Retriever’s Ears?

Just like ours do, dog’s ears get dirty as well. But many pet owners overlook to take care of their dog’s ears, and very rarely clean them. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t clean their ears themselves, so it’s up to us to take better care of them.

Want to know how to clean your dog’s ears? Find out in this article.

Cleaning the ears of your dog is not rocket science, also it does not require a lot of things. All you really need are cotton balls and an ear cleaning mixture from the pet store. Please avoid using alcohol and Q-tips, those are not suitable for dogs! And you don’t want to damage your golden’s ears.

The best time for cleaning their ears is after you bath them. That way the dirt will soften a bit and it will be easier to remove.

First you’ll start by cleaning the outer ear, which will be quite easy. But after that it’s time to clean the insides.You have to be very careful when cleaning your golden retriever’s ears as they are very delicate. Always use utensils to apply the cleaning mixture to your dog’s ear such as a spoon or syringe. After application, gently rub the lower part of your dog’s ear for 20 to 40 seconds. You will most likely hear some crackle noises, and this is because the debris in your dog’s ear is being broken down by the mixture.

All of this should be a painless process but your dog might still experience some discomfort if he’s not used to it. So make sure to make it as pleasant for him as possible, with petting and always speaking in a calm manner.

After about 40 seconds move away for a bit so your dog can shake his head. That way the debris can come to the surface and all you’ll have to do is clean out the wax with some cotton balls!

Once all of that is done, congratulations- you’ve successfully cleaned your golden retriever’s ears!

Now is the time to give them a treat!

So how often will you have to do it? Well, that depends, but most vets will tell you that your dog’s ears should be cleaned at least once a month.