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How to give a dog a pill: Four useful tips!

How to give a dog a pill: Four useful tips!

Giving your dog his medication is a real task. Every dog owner knows how difficult it is. Your dog just doesn’t want to take his or her pills, no matter what you do and how you try to trick them. So what is the best way to give your dog a pill? Don’t despair, I am going to help you! There are a few tips and tricks on how to give a dog a pill the right way!

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And mind, these tips and trick really do work! It took me so many tries with my dog to find the best way to give your pooch his medication!

How to give a dog a pill?

Giving your dog a pill doesn’t have to be so difficult, you’ll see! Just follow these tips and your dog will take his medication in no time and without any fuss!

First talk to your vet

Before you try any of these tactics I’m about to tell you, please, please talk to your vet! Different kinds of medication require different methods.

For example, there are pills that you can safely crush up and give to your dog, but others like Keppra, a seizure medication, should not be broken into pieces. Besides this, Antibiotics like amoxicillin and clindamycin should never be crushed into a powder.

This is why it’s so important to talk to your vet in order to know what the best and safest way to give your dog a pill is.

Dog sniffing a pill
There are many ways on how to give your dog a pill

Open the pill bottle when your dog isn’t around

Your dog associates you opening the pill bottle with something negative. Because your dog hates pills they will run away and hide when they hear you open the bottle. So, always open the bottle and prepare the pill in secret, so your dog doesn’t hear it. That will make it easier to give your dog the pill.

Don’t hide the pill in his food, hide it in a treat

Hiding the pill in your dog’s food is a great way to give your dog his pill. However, if you’re feeding your dog kibble this might not be the best way of doing it. Your dog will spot the pill, they are smart animals. This is why hiding your dog’s pill in a treat is a better option. The smellier the treat, the better! just hide the pill in your dog’s favorite treat and watch them devour the pill!

For this, you can use peanut butter, plain yoghurt, marshmallows, hot dog pieces, chicken or sardines! Whatever your dog likes to eat!

Treat, treat, pill, treat

Trick your dog by giving him a few treats, then the pill, following up with some more treats! For this you could play a game of catch with your dog. Get your dog’s treats and start throwing a few at them. Keep throwing your dog treats at a constant speed. Treat, treat, pill, treat, treat… Your dog will catch them in their mouth not even thinking what it is. Then you throw the pill, which your dog should catch too!

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There is no best way on how to give a dog a pill, there also isn’t an universal answer. I’ve given you some tactics that work wonders with my dog, however, you need to find the best way that works for your dog! Use my advice as a guideline in order to find the best way for you! The end goal is for your dog to eat the pill, and there are many ways you can do that. Be creative!