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How To Greet Dogs You Don’t Know

How To Greet Dogs You Don’t Know

While going on walks with your furry bestie, you constantly come across other cute dogs and the temptation to pet them is just too big.

But it’s still important to do it appropriately, so you don’t invade the space of the dog or his owner.

Here are some tips:

Always ask for permission!

Don’t just boldly walk up to a dog and assume that you’re okay to pet them, there are various reasons as to why their owner might not be okay with it.

Some dogs are not friendly to strangers, and some are still in training. So before walking up to the dog, always make sure their owner is okay with it!

Stay cool and reserved

After you asked for permission it’s important to still keep your cool and let the dog approach you. The pup might be terrified of strangers and needs some extra time and space.

If a dog appears reserved and doesn’t seem to want to come and greet you, respect their decision and move on.

You can let the dog smell your hand first, and if it seems like they are okay with you, you can continue with petting them.

If you have any other tips make sure to share them in the comments. And also tell us: Do you ask for permission before petting a stranger’s dog?